Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Blue Tractor

Yesterday afternoon, my parents stopped by my new apartment to make sure I was alive and feeding myself. (You'd think after all of my recipe posts my mom would believe me when I say I know how to cook..)

We decided to go out to lunch, and I picked a place close to work that I'd been eyeing for awhile.

Specializing in homemade beers and barbecue sauce, Blue Tractor is comfort food gone gourmet. Picture a Famous Daves with similar-sized portions, a dollop of elegance and a dash of high-quality flavor.

Mom and Dad both got their $5.95 Pork-and-Pint Monday special - a frosty pint of house-brewed beer and a massive pulled pork sandwich on a kaiser roll.

They also grabbed a side of sweet potato fries that were heavenly when dipped in Blue Tractor's smokey and sweet homemade BBQ sauce.

I decided to pig out on the Cracklin' Chicken - grilled beer can chicken smother in BBQ sauce and deep fried.

This dish came with an amazing side of baked beans roasted with bacon, red pepper, and red onions...

...and with a side of crispy mashed potatoes. Quite literally mashed potatoes that had been scooped into clumps and dropped in a deep fryer. 

There was some sort of strange but delicious seasoning on these that I couldn't quite put my foot on. If you're going to stop into Blue Tractor, I highly recommend ordering a side of these for your table (or for yourself if you're feeling greedy!)

Since Blue Tractor is the master of BBQ, they offer a selection of 4 homemade sauces for your table - a tomato BBQ sauce, vinegar BBQ sauce, sweet and smokey, and spicy.

I'll quote my mother and say "It was a carnivore's delight."

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  1. Went here on Friday evening, and it was amazing! Thanks for posting pictures, really sold me on the place