Sunday, September 9, 2012

Frita Batidos

After much poking and prodding from my friends (and a healthy dose of curiosity from myself), I finally caved in and went to review Frita Batidos.
Nestled on Washington right past Main St., this casual Cuban restaurant is a bit of a walk for students, but incredibly worth it. After all, when a Top Chef runs a restaurant of affordable burgers, fries, shakes and snacks, you've just gotta give it a chance!
Speaking of affordability, Frita's cuisine and atmosphere mimic that of an outdoor market or food cart. Between the low-priced handhelds and bleached picnic tables, eating here makes you feel like you're basking on the beach in the Cuban sun. I can imagine myself coming here often to escape the harsh Michigan winter.

I met Matt for a late lunch on Saturday afternoon. Since it was game day, Matt was reppin his U of M pride.

After a few confusing moments of reading the menu (here's a hint: Fritas are the cuban-style burgers topped with fries on a brioche bun, and Batidos are creamy tropical milkshake/smoothies), we settled on two Fritas.

I ordered a fish frita topped with cilantro-lime salsa.

Matt ordered a yummy passion fruit batido...

..and an enormous chicken frita topped with muenster cheese and cilantro-lime salsa.

Since I didn't order a batido, I had to grab something sweet for dessert...
My choice? Churros with chocolate español.

I mistakenly ordered a full order of churros (3), thinking that each one would be pencil-thin and 5-6 inches long. In reality, these monsters are each about the size and width of my forearm.

For those of you who are wondering, the chocolate español is a thick cup of cinnamon-infused hot chocolate.

And yes, the objective with this dish is to dip your churros into the chocolate.

I don't recommend drinking the chocolate plain, but it makes a decadent dipping sauce for your churros! Given the sheer size of this dessert, I recommend coming here with a friend for a sweet afternoon snack.

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