Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jerusalem Garden

Now that campus is bustling with busy students trying to drink their weight in alcohol before classes start, Ann Arbor is a lot busier. The streets are full of moving trucks and bad drivers and the restaurants are packed with students reuniting after the summer.

Last night, I ended up being one of the latter category as my friends Joanna and Katie met me for dinner at one of our favorite stops - Jerusalem Garden.

Photo sniping like a pro. (The one on the left is Joanna, the one on the right is Katie)

Jerusalem garden, a small middle-eastern joint off of Liberty and Fifth, is loved by my friends and I for its extra-large and extra-cheap servings of spectacularly fresh foods. Every dish is loaded with gobs of parsley, lettuce, tiny chopped vegetables and toasted pita chips. Eating a salad here feels like you turned into a rabbit and gobbled up your neighbors garden.

Case in point, my chicken with fattoush and a side of rice pilaf for an impossibly low $9.

Note the generous heaping of impossibly small vegetables.

Katie and Joanna went for the center of the plate specials, where you select one main dish and 1-2 sides for $8-$12.

Katie's kabob, hummus, rice, and side of fattoush..

Joanna got shawarma with tabbouli and pita..

Me and Katie after our vegetable feast.

Me, Katie and Joanna. Please disregard the fact that all of our plates are were eaten clean. But it's all vegetables, so it doesn't count as gorging, right??

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