Friday, June 29, 2012

Pizzas and Pies

I went to Indiana to visit some of my Dad's side of the family, and we had to make a pit stop at our favorite pizza place - Arni's. This restaurant has been here since my Dad was a child, and I'm in love with their delicious Arni's Jr. Salad.

Diced ham, diced mozarella, radishes, green onions, and croutons. Absolutely delicious! I got mine with Italian dressing.

It took a long time for the entrees to come out, but, luckily, I already knew how tasty the pizza was going to be, so I wasn't bothered by the wait.

We got half pepperoni, half mushroom and sausage. The pizza is deliciously thin, like a thick cracker, and the diced pepperoni is my favorite style of pizza.

The sauce is also fantastic. I tried to get a picture of the full pizza, but my Dad couldn't wait and snagged a slice before I could get a complete shot.

The real gem of the evening, however, was my Aunt Lora's selection of homemade desserts that we indulged in after the restaurant. I drooled over the coconut creme pie, lemon meringue pie, and jello cake (don't know what a jello cake is? I'll explain in a minute). 

My sister tried the coconut creme..

I went for the lemon meringue... 

I think I selected the best one, because even Bruce wanted a piece!

My dad grabbed some jello cake, a fluffy combination of cake and jello mixture that blend together to make a cool marbled dessert.

So many little space in my stomach. Guess I'll just have to save some for later!

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