Sunday, June 24, 2012

Homemade Oreo Nutella Frappuccinos

Now that summer's in full swing, I'm finding myself craving frappuccinos more and more. Yet looking out at the steaming pavement and baking sun makes the walk/drive/bus ride to the nearest Starbucks seem like torture. (Also, if I find myself craving a frappuccino in the morning, I rarely want to take the time to shower and change out of my pajama pants in order to get my frapp fix.)

So, to increase my laziness and salvage what's left in my wallet, I developed my own homemade version of the classic frapp - I call it my Oreo Nutella Frappuccinos.

I'm guessing that the name gives away some of the ingredients, but  I'll list all of them here to keep it concise:

Large handful of ice
1-2 shots freshly brewed espresso
4 Oreo cookies (I recommend double stuffed)3 tablespoons Nutella1/2 cup milk

whipped cream & chocolate syrup (for topping)

(the recipe will make one jumbo serving or two medium-sized servings)

Start with the basis of every frappuccino - a lot of ice.

Then add 1-2 shots of your freshly brewed espresso. (For info on how to do this, check out my Affogato recipe here)

I only went with one shot this time. On a morning where I'm struggling a bit more, I'd probably up the dosage to two.

Next, throw in your 4 Oreos. 

Scoop in your nutella for some hazelnutty deliciousness.

Honestly, I think I could make anything better with a dollop of nutella on it. 

Add in your milk, and blend, chop, puree the mixture until all of your ice chunks have been demolished into tiny chips.

Pour into your glass and top with whipped cream and chocolate syrup (or caramel, if you prefer).

I recommend using a straw to drink it, but I needed a spoon to get past the whipped cream mountain!

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  1. I will be trying this very soon! Nutella, Oreos, and Coffee are my three favorite things in the world, so I'm definitely looking forward to this! :)