Friday, October 5, 2012


Yesterday, I was seriously craving some Chinese food. And not the gross kind, where the eggdrop soup is salty enough to kill you and the rice is dryer than cardboard.
I wanted good Chinese food.

Throwing caution to the wind, I decided to try out TK WU, a small Chinese joint that I've passed more times than I can count, but, for some reason, never ventured inside. Fortunately, Mallory was in the mood for some Chinese too, so she accompanied me on my quest.

The atmosphere inside was cozy and quaint, and the walls were adorned with the typical cultural artifacts that can be found in most Asian-themed restaurants. Since decor is no indication of food quality, there was no better litmus test than ordering our favorite dishes and trying them.
We each started off with a cup of soup. I grabbed my favorite, wonton.

And Mallory opted for sweet and sour soup.

Now, I can't speak for Mallory, but my wonton was delicious. I'm all too accustomed to ordering wonton soup from various takeout restaurants, only to be disappointed by a watered-down bowl with limp noodles that have cooked in the same broth for hours. The noodles in this soup still had their shape, meaning it was very freshly made, and the broth was spicy and delicious.
For the main course, Mallory and I decided to split an order of chicken lo mein. Good thing we did, because we were served Mount Everest of noodles.

Can you believe this enormous bowl was only $8.95?

The food came exceptionally quickly, which was fortunate since we only had an hour to scarf down our food. And it was absolutely delicious! Crispy chicken, well-seasoned noodles that weren't too oily, and, above all, fresh.

I think we liked it, don't you?
Of course, before we made our exit, we had to check out our fortunes...

I think I've found my new spot for Chinese takeout!

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