Wednesday, October 10, 2012

lab cafe

It's midterm season, which means a lot of time being spent holed-up in libraries and coffee shops wearing university sweatshirts and thick-rimmed glasses.
Stressful, for sure, but also very delicious at times. Particularly when you pick the right coffee shop.
Yesterday night, Joanna and I got together for a late-night homework and skype date with Katie. To ensure high-quality caffeination, we went to lab cafe, a mod-style coffee shop with minimalist decor and an excellent cappucino.

Psst! They also serve homemade fro-yo!

However, you must forgive me for skipping over the fro-yo to highlight some baked goods and creamy coffee.

This chocolate croissant will change your life.

My lovely cappuccino with the signature foam art on top. Lab cafe always tops off your cup with a cute design - even if you get it to go!

Joanna was being a good student while I munched on layers and layers of flakey pastry.

Until we decided it was skype time.

Bottomless cups, delicious baked goods and international chats. All part of a balanced day.

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