Sunday, October 21, 2012

Marnee Thai

Every now and then, I get the strong craving for Thai food. Generally fried rice, dotted with egg and carrots, seasoned with that special mix of flavors that I'll never be able to recreate in my wildest dreams. And while No Thai will always have a special place in my heart, for all it's oily and delicious goodness, it's not healthy enough for me to eat as often as my cravings come about.
Fortunately, I found a new outlet for my addiction - Marnee Thai.

The last in a line of restaurants on Main Street, Marnee Thai takes up the bottom floor of a large office building. I was intrigued by its menu, further allured by the smell as soon as I walked in and completely sold on the taste.

You can't go wrong with a mixed appetizer plate at a new restaurant. This one included generous portions of chicken and beef satay, jumbo juicy fried shrimp, fish cakes and spring rolls.

The fish cakes were my favorite.

For the main dish, I had to give in to my craving and get the Kow Pad - essentially a fancy version of chicken fried rice. I certainly wasn't expecting the culinary display that I got on my plate.

A giant mound of delicious fried rice, dressed up with carrots, green onions and a lime wedge. Notice the coloring of the rice - just fried enough to have taste, but not weighed down by fatty oils that will make you regret your meal later. And they were certainly generous with the egg and chicken!

Another standout dish was the shrimp stir-fry.

Served with a hefty bowl of white rice, of course.

I was too full to stomach one of the gigantic bowls of soup that I saw coming out of the kitchen, but they certainly looked and smelled amazing. If anyone else has tried the soup, let me know which one you liked!

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