Friday, July 27, 2012

What Crepe?

There's a restaurant in Royal Oak that my mom has been talking about for months. Located on South Washington Avenue, this restaurant is a dainty little joint called What Crepe?, and today, my mom invited me there to lunch.

You see, my mom spent several months in France when she was a teenager, so she has a bit of a thing for European food. Particularly,  crepes. Now, I'm a huge crepe fan myself, but I typically go with the old nutella-and-banana standby when I wake up late on a lazy Sunday morning and want something sweet. This place, however, makes everything in a crepe.

Literally. Everything.

Their decor is an echo of an earlier European decade.

 Even the plates were dainty and French!

This place has about three different menus - one for drinks, one for specials, and one for regular food. Their regular menu is even further divided into sweet crepes, savory crepes, favorite crepes, and build-your-own crepes.

 I find that if a dish is on the specials menu, that usually means its pretty good. So, I chose their special Thai chicken crepe with a tall glass of iced tea.

Mom went for a traditional eggs, ham, cheese, and asparagus crepe.

Let me explain this clearly - these were easily the silkiest, butteryest, and most delicious crepes that I've ever tasted.
My mom agreed, and, remember, she's lived in France, so she knows what she's talking about.
I was also impressed with their ability to blend flavors. After all, one doesn't normally think of Thai food and crepes going well together, but the savory buttery pancake was a perfect housing for the typical spicy Asian stir-fry.

Given my inability to eat any crepe without having a nutella-filled one, my mom and I decided it was absolutely necessary that we order a sweet crepe for dessert. This time, instead of ordering off of the ready-made menu, we decided to make our own.

Our creation: nutella, chocolate sauce, caramelized bananas, marshmallow, and graham cracker crust.

Words cannot even describe. 

 Needless to say, I recommend this restaurant to anyone in the metro-Detroit area who wants to take a stab at trying some crepe masterpieces. It's also a great spot to pop into for a gourmet dessert! (I recommend building your own. You literally cannot go wrong with any combination that you pick.)

Now, I must go find some ingredients to make my own.....


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