Monday, July 9, 2012

Hogs n Dogs

Remember my recent trip to Indiana?
Well, I didn't finish blogging about it. 
Regrettably, I'd left my camera on my Aunt's couch in Indianapolis, so some of my pictures were held captive for the past week. Fortunately, the package arrived today, camera intact, and my memory card was bursting with pictures that need to be posted.
The place I'm about to show you is the epitome of family favorite, so much so that my Dad dubs it by a different name, Hogs n Dogs (the one my sister recognizes from when she was younger). Its original name, however, is Dog n Suds.

An old-fashioned drive-thru, this joint puts Sonic to shame. From its drive-up window to its frosty mugs of root beer, you can't get more authentic than this Lafayette favorite.
Also, I still don't know why my father called it Hogs n Dogs when my sister and I were younger, but for some reason the name stuck with us.

And yes, that IS the Mystery Machine!!! (no idea who it belongs to, but I had to snap a pic. It really ties the whole look together)

Here's how it works:
You pull your car up to the drive-in station and take a look at the menu.

Once you order, it only takes between 1-5 minutes for your server to bring the food, take your payment, and leave you to slurp your root beers while listening to your radio.

My favorite part about this place is definitely the frosty mugs that all of the root beers are served in. For just $1.25, the size and taste are a bargain compared to fast food restaurants nowadays, and encourage the 50s-style feel of the place.

My family and I ordered a round of root beers and chili dogs.

The mug was so frosted, it started dripping condensation after two minutes in the 100 degree heat.

The chili is lighter and sweeter than the kind typically served in restaurants these days, so the flavors blend with the hot dog rather than smother it. Plus, they're topped with just the right amount of chili, so you don't have to eat your hot dog with a knife and fork. In my opinion, using utensils to eat a hot dog is just plain wrong.

Of course, we had to bring the dog to Dog n Suds. I think he got a little too full...

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