Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Bang Bang at Bonefish

Last night's dinner out with my Aunt and Uncle took place at one of my favorite Novi fish joints - Bonefish Grill.
Being a Floridian by birth, I'm a huge fan of seafood. Good seafood. But my picky palate makes it difficult for me to find fresh fish this far away from any salty coasts.
Bonefish Grill is some of the freshest and best-cooked seafood I've found around. Naturally, it's a go-to spot when relatives are visiting.

We started out with a round of Bang Bang Shrimp, one of the top sellers at Bonefish. 

Crunchy, spicy, sweet - like a fresher version of sweet and sour shrimp. Usually around $9 a plate, Bonefish hosts a $5 Bang Bang special on Wednesdays coupled with a line out the door. After working in a restaurant, I have to wonder if Wednesdays are the nights where servers reuest off, or the days they fight for a shift...

The shrimp sits on a thick bed of lettuce, which can also be eaten as the Bang Bang sauce melts down onto it like a sweet and tangy dressing. Mmmm..

Next, the entrees came out.

First, sea bass in a lemon butter sauce.

My uncle's sea bass, pan Asian style. As you can see, he was very exited about it.

My Aunt chose the evening's special - Dory!

Don't worry - she didn't actually eat this lovable talking fish from Finding Nemo. In fact, Dory from the movie is actually a Blue Tang. However, the character's name is derived from an actual fish native to the New Zealand/Australia area called a Dory.

This is a real Dory:

And this is what it looks like grilled with spinach, artichokes and feta cheese:

I opted for a guilty usual - crab cakes with garlic mashed potatoes!

Can you believe I ate both of them?? Struggling not to regret this choice...

What's your favorite seafood spot?

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