Saturday, July 14, 2012

UMI Sushi

I'm hesitant to reveal this place to everyone, for fear that it's calm atmosphere will be disrupted by hordes of people like many of the on-campus sushi joints. However, I owe it to this place to admit loudly and proudly: I LOVE UMI SUSHI!

Nestled on North Campus' Plymouth Road plaza, UMI sits beneath an apartment complex (I can't even imagine how those people get by without ordering carryout every other day) and next to an Olga's and a Sweetwaters.

The interior is small-ish, but cozy, and not overly-decorated with cliche pseudo-Japanese artifacts. They also have a liquor license, so gratuitous amounts of sake and Japanese beer can be ordered with lunch or dinner. 

Their menu features gratuitous amounts of special rolls, including some very strange combinations that include banana and sweet potato.

Of course, you start out with soup and salad.

The gyoza dumplings are certainly worth a try as well...

Then, the sushi....

Their take on the volcano roll..

A deliciously fresh and crisp california roll...

Some salmon sushi...

My crunch n much roll...

Spicy, crunchy, and oh-so-fresh! 

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