Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Exploding Sundaes

Sparklers are my favorite part of 4th of July, and dessert is my favorite part of a great meal. So, it's only natural that I combined sparklers and dessert for this year's Independence Day. This recipe also utilizes Pop Rocks as a topping, so the sundae actually sounds like 4th of July as it crackles and pops while you eat.

I handed these sundaes out to the neighbors as well as my family, and they were a huge hit!

To make them for your own 4th of July party, grab the following ingredients:

Vanilla ice cream
Strawberry topping
Whipped cream
Strawberry Pop Rocks

I guess the sparklers don't really count as ingredients...

First, slice your strawberries and put them in a dish with your blueberries.

Place 2-3 large scoops of ice cream in a serving dish and top with the fruit.

Spoon strawberry sauce over the sundae and top with whipped cream. Then stick a sparkler in the center of each sundae, making sure the part that burns isn't submerged beneath the whipped cream (or else your whipped cream will singe as the burn moves downward).

Finally, grab your Pop Rocks.

It took me so long to find these today! When I tried to ask for them in stores, one clerk even said "Aren't you a little old for those?"

Silly man, Pop Rocks are for every age! Particularly when they're on sundaes.

Pour your Pop Rocks over the sundae, and lean in to hear them popping and exploding.

Finally, light your sparkler and watch it burn. An exploding and interactive dessert to celebrate the birthday of America!

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