Friday, January 18, 2013

Ann Arbor Restaurant Week

Hey everyone!
This post is just a friendly reminder that if you're going to be in or near Ann Arbor next week, you're a nobody if you're not checking out the delicious food that this town has to offer.
That's right, next week is Restaurant Week.

What is Restaurant Week? you might be asking yourself.
Restaurant Week in Ann Arbor is a foodie's paradise. 55 restaurants between State St. and Main St. combine forces to deliver delicious specials and two or three course meals at affordable prices.
It's basically my Christmas.
If you feel like pampering yourself with a night out, go for a restaurant's dinner special, which usually costs $28 for three courses. Or, if you're a student still feeling the sting of recent textbook bill, grab your friends together for a lunch at any participating restaurants. Some charge $15 for a two course meal, while others are selling a buy-two-entrees-for-$15 lunch special.
To get more info on participating restaurants and specific menus, click here.
And if you're not sure which restaurant to go to, feel free to check out the ones I've reviewed that are hosting specials next week.

And if you happen to see me out, shoving guests out of the way to snap pictures of delicious dishes, please disregard my behavior. 
I do it for the food.

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