Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Mahek Buffet

This evening, I met up with my good friend Matt for a much-overdo dinner and discussion. We were craving something spicy and feeling incredibly gluttonous, so we opted for an Ann Arbor classic - Indian buffet.

There are numerous Indian restaurants available to students and business professionals alike in Ann Arbor, but most of them make buffets a lunch-only option. So we went to Mahek, on Washinton past Main St. downtown. Not only do they serve a splendidly cheap lunch buffet, they also offer a dinner buffet on Wednesday evenings for $9.

I'll admit, the decor of this restaurant was a bit dated, and it was pretty empty when Matt and I arrived. We didn't care - more delicious food for us!

Mahek serves a delicious dinner buffet. All entrees were hot and well-spiced, and this may have been the first time that I enjoyed the vegetable dishes more than the chicken dishes! (what can I say, I'm a tandoori girl at heart...) 
Above all, I recommend this place to any local college students who have a hard time meeting with friends for lunches and always find themselves coughing up twice as much cash to meet during dinner hours. By 6:00, this place was filled with Ann Arbor residents looking to take advantage of this dinnertime buffet specialty. I'm sure I'll be coming back soon to do the same!

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