Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Attention U of M students and Ann Arbor residents:
I've found your new lunch spot.
Today, Mallory and I kicked off Restaurant Week in AA by going to a place we've passed hundreds of times, but never mustered up the courage to go in. Mercy's, the restaurant sitting underneath the Bell Tower Hotel across the street from the MLB and Hill Auditorium.
Literally directly behind the numerous State St restaurants, but ten times classier and ten times tastier.
While we expected the inside to be as antique and ornate as the hotel, the interior was surprisingly modern and cozy.

The restaurant week special offers a sampling of large lunch plates for just $7.50 each. 
Let me repeat: $7.50 each.
(Also, if you come for lunch not during restaurant week, most plates are around  $7-$12, so comparable to most nearby eateries)
We scanned the menu and both decided on the same thing: fish and chips with garlic aoli.

Thick and juicy cod fillets in crispy batter with an enormous side of sweet potato chips. This meal is the definition of a bargain.

We ended the meal with smiles and plans to come back next week to try another lunch special - fried chicken on a waffle with a maple/sherry reduction. YUM!
And, of course, we had to take a Starbucks break for some afternoon coffee to warm up by the fireplace while all the delicious food we ate digested.

If you have class near North Quad, the MLB, or even the buildings on the North edge of the Diag, I IMPLORE you to try Mercy's for lunch this week and take advantage of this great deal!

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  1. Oh, dang! What a deal. If only I had a longer lunch hour....! :)

    1. We were served in under 10 minutes, so I'd say it's still worth a shot! Also they do dinners that look fantastic. :)