Thursday, November 29, 2012

Belgian Chocolates

As most of you know, for the majority of this semester, my friend Katie has been galavanting across Europe (feel free to check out her travel blog here). Whenever I'm feeling lonely or unadventurous, I snuggle up in a blanket and let Katie's blog take me through the various museums, coffee shops, and bars that she's been to.
One of my favorite posts documented her trip to Belgium, where she toured some of the world's best chocolate shops and I drooled onto my keyboard.
Much to my surprise, Katie foresaw my chocolate craving and sent me an early Christmas present - a box of handpicked assorted chocolates straight outta Belgium.

I love this bright red packaging - it even looks like a Christmas present!

This bright gold box looks positively royal.

And it's safe to say the chocolates inside are fit for a Queen. Katie was even nice enough to handpick the assortment, including tons of coffee-filled options! Perfect for me.

Thanks Katie!!

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