Saturday, November 10, 2012


Yesterday afternoon, my mom came into town for a doctor's appointment. After a quite ridiculous shopping excursion at H&M where I added 4 new sweaters to my already sweater-heavy wardrobe and she browsed through Ann Taylor, I did some quick school work and we headed out to lunch.
The pick of the day was Gratzi, an Italian bistro off of Main St. 
Rave reviews from my former boss and my mom's best friend inclined me to think that we were in for a treat.
And I was right.

A former-theater-turned-restaurant, Gratzi boasts an impressive interior, with cozy booths, a mezzanine, and a spectacular bar.

Even more impressive than the interior was the food. I indulged in a humongous piece of atlantic salmon over a bed of gnocchi and spinach in a garlic cream sauce...

While mom, slightly less adventurous, opted for the eggplant parmesan with tomatoes over a bed of pasta...

Since dining at an Italian restaurant and not ordering dessert is equivalent to committing the greatest fallacy known to mankind, we had to indulge in their dolci menu.

Mom, being a crepe connoisseur, grabbed the crespelle di cioccolato. 

And I, being a coffee connoisseur, opted for a cappuccino gratzi. 

A picture-perfect cap flavored with cloves and a hint of citrus, this treat tasted like Christmas morning in a cup.

Now that you've seen the food and are salivating onto your keyboard, I'll take this opportunity to comment on how incredibly surprised I was by the low prices Gratzi features on their lunch menu, about half the rate of their dinner prices. So, if you're a student on a budget who feels like treating him/herself, I implore you to try this place during lunchtime.
Plus, they tend to be pretty booked during the dinner hour, so if you want to pop in for a quick and classy weekend lunch, this would be the place to do it!

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