Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'm trying something new here, so bear with me....

Lately there's been a backlog of food photos sitting on my phone, generally due to the fact that I take 10x the amount of pictures that I can feasibly blog about.

So, without further ado, I present my instagram food collection Part 1:

The delicious espresso sundae offerred at Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea (their version of an affogato). I swear the people in surrounded tables swiveled their heads and stared when I brought this baby back to my table.

A delicious chocolate shop in Royal Oak, Michigan actually sells chocolate Buddhas. Karmic chocolate? 

A picturesque cappuccino from Lab Cafe.

Fresh peaches at a fruit stand.

An absolutely DECADENT cupcake from Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea.

The classic Chipotle burrito. And yes, I did eat the whole thing.

Israeli couscous from J. Alexanders - is it bad that my favorite dish in the restaurant is a side dish??

When you order a chili dog from Le Dog on Liberty, this is what you get. No joke.

Sushayy from Totoro.

The iconic Ikea meatballs and potatoes meal. I mean, come on, you HAVE to get a plate whenever you go, right?

A decadent blonde brownie sundae from Diamond Jim Brady's.

Cinnamon roll I got from the farmer's market in Kerrytown. And yes, it was bigger than my hand. And yes, it was only $1.50.

Cider from the cider mill to kick off the fall season!

My holed-up-in-my-apartment-to-study-for-midterms meal. I like my steak rare.

My lightened-up version of Chicken Tikka Masala (I included a lot more veggies).

Mallory's enormous deep fried roll at Totoro.

My tempura udon.

Fantastic Kahlua mudslide at Pizza House in Ann Arbor.

....with a side of deep fried shrimp, of course..

Me dressed as Fionna from Adventure Time at Halloween Bar Night and enjoying a hard cider.

Olive oil for bread at Gratzi.

A veggie stew I baked topped with buttery rolls - a vegetarian's pot pie!

Mixed grill from Palio on Main St.

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