Saturday, November 3, 2012

Foodie Gift Ideas

Alas, Halloween has come and gone. Now we'll spend the rest month munching on leftover candy, toasting pumpkin seeds and baking pies.

(or maybe that's just me).

Since November's kicked in, I've heard plenty of people proclaim how excited they are that Christmas is coming soon. Despite the fact that we've still got about two months to prepare for that holiday, I know many people start planning well in advance for what they're going to get their friends and family members.
For those of you who have a foodie on your Christmas list this year, feel free to shop through these adorably delicious finds on Etsy.

I used to have so many charm bracelets, and these adorable s'more charms would have been an excellent addition to my collection. Find them here.

Adorable cookie jar necklace. Don't get caught trying to pull one out! Find it here.

Hostess cupcake necklace that literally looks good enough to eat. Find it here.

If you know someone who shares my obsession with soft boiled eggs, they'll love this breakfast ring. Find it here.

This scented mocha Frappucccino necklace might smell too good to wear...but if you know a Starbucks fanatic I'm sure they'd appreciate it. Find it here.

An overall chocoholic would love this bracelet of miniature candies. Find it here.

I adore these little coffee bean earrings, and I would buy them for myself if I had pierced ears. Perfect for the coffee-lover in your life. Find them here.

Another one for the coffee-lovers is this miniature coffee and chocolate ring. And it's on clearance! Find it here.

This beer and hotdog ring combo is great for game days. Find it here.

A tea-lover will appreciate this adorable pendant. Find it here.

These mismatched sushi earrings allow you to pick the pair you want. Customizable and adorable. Find them here.

This Nutella jar pendant represents what every jar I purchase looks like after 15 minutes. Find it here.

And last but not least, this little floating curry and rice ring is perfect for anyone who craves spicy food. Find it here.

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