Saturday, December 29, 2012

Vinsetta Garage

The other day, my family and I tried out a restaurant that my mom and I have driven past countless times - Vinsetta Garage.
A burger-and-fries-and-hot-dogs joint, this restaurant sits inside of an old auto garage on Woodward in Berkley. The restaurant owners have embraced this greasy mechanical atmosphere, as evidenced by the non-working gas pumps outside and the glass booth hostess stand. Even the inside has a tall metal ceiling with mechanical touches.

Casual, classic, and loaded with Detroit touches. To match the atmosphere, the restaurant serves some high-quality beers and greasy yummy food.
Which obviously meant that I wanted to eat everything on the menu.
To start, that meant some loaded homemade potato chips.

Crispy chips, green onions, cheese, and salty bacon. YUM.
For my main meal, I grabbed a meatball sub with homemade chicken meatballs.

Of course, everyone else's meal was just as indulgent and delicious.

An enormous pot of bubbling homemade mac and cheese...

The classic coney dogs with fries...(served on a metal tray!!)

A chicken sandwich with fries...

And this amazing feat of culinary genius called the 3 AM Dog: two hot dogs smothered in bacon maple mayo and spicy mayo topped with fried eggs, green onions, and fried onions.

Needless to say, if you're looking for some seriously delicious greasy grub, Vinsetta Garage is the place to go.

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