Sunday, March 10, 2013

Garage in Northville

It's not often that I hear my parents ranting and raving about a small local restaurant.
Usually they're talking about some big-city place.
But this week, after multiple days of telling me how much they love this new Northville restaurant called "Garage," I was invited to check it out for myself.
The restaurant is called Garage because it's located inside of a renovated car garage (sort of like Vinsetta, only smaller). 
The restaurant still has touches of its grungy and greasy roots inside, but the menu is all high-class.

We started out with a french onion cheese dip - a deliciously creamy blend of onions, bacon, and swiss cheese with a side of crostini.
This dish is the definition of comfort food.

I should have seen this coming after the first dish, but every single plate at this restaurant is heartily portioned and very very filling. Which means I over ordered, but in the great scheme of things, that's really not a problem, is it?
I opted for a bowl of seafood chowder with my main dish because it sounded so delicious.

Once again, this dish was creamy, filling, and absolutely delicious. A crock pot of butter, cream, shrimp, lobster, and potatoes. YUM.
Which meant, tragically, that I barely had any room left for these amazing mahi mahi fish tacos....

My parents opted for equally large and delicious entrees, such as the pork chop with sweet potato fries

And the perch filets

Needless to say, Garage is one of those places where you certainly get your money's worth. Dishes are plentiful, the flavors are fresh and tasty, and the atmosphere is quaint and trendy. Looks like my parents have good taste after all..

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  1. This place looks awesome. French Onion Cheese Dip sounds amazing.

    1. It was UNBELIEVABLE. Especially with the bacon.