Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cherry Republic Chocolate Cherry Boom Coffee

The other day, I stopped into the Cherry Republic store on Main St. to pick up a few jars of their delicious cherry salsa for my mom and I.
Remember the Kalamazoo Chili Cook-Off I posted about? Well, the winning pot of chili included a whole jar of Cherry Republic Cherry Salsa. Which means I had to have some.
While I was there, I browsed around the store, discovering how many things can be made with cherries. Sure, there's dried cherries, and cherry preserves, but apparently there's also cherry wine, cherry sauces, cherry bowls...basically a lot of cherry.
As I was browsing, I happened upon a neat row of brown bags labeled "Cherry Republic Chocolate Cherry Flavored Boom Coffee."


Excuse me? You can't put that much deliciousness into one sentence. It's just not fair.
I sampled a quick cup of the coffee (that's the best part about Cherry Republic - nearly everything they make is available for sampling), whisked a bag off the shelf, and headed to the register.
Let me take a moment to introduce you to this delicious coffee:

Of course, you have to be able to brew it right yourself for the investment to be worthwhile. So, this morning I popped open the bag, ground up some beans,  and set my coffee maker to 'stun'.
The result was this delicious cup.

Nice dark color, good sign. Exceptionally fragrant (I really wish I could somehow transmit smells over the Internet right now).

And then the taste.
Smooth, not too dark, with subtle tones of sweet cherry and bitter chocolate. If a spring morning in a log cabin in Northern Michigan had a taste, this would be it.
If you live near Cherry Republic, pop over and grab yourself a bag. If you don't, you can get an 8 oz bag of ground coffee here and an 8 oz bag of whole bean coffee here.
While browsing the website, I also saw they have cherry cocoa...I think I know what my next purchase will be.

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