Thursday, June 20, 2013

Intelligentsia Coffee

Since coming back from Italy, I've been very attached to good espressos and cappuccinos. What can I say? I was spoiled rotten while I was there. Deliciously dark and creamy espresso for merely 1 or 1.5 euros. It was a dream come true.
Now that I'm back in the US (and in Chicago), I'm determined to find at least one coffee bar that matches up with the taste and quality of what I had in Italy.
Fortunately, Chicago happens to have a few Intelligentsia coffee shops scattered about the metro area. I popped in the other day to give it the once-over.

The black bags are their espresso, called Black Cat Espresso. I just love that name.

I went with my usual test - a cappuccino.

Detailed latte art.

 Time for the taste test.

Dark, frothy, and very very bold. Exactly how I like it. Not a replica of what I had in Italy (probably because the beans were from Africa and roasted in Germany) but still an excellent cappuccino. I can see why the place always seems to be full to the brim with patrons lining the bar. 
Also, I just found out that my new job serves Intelligentsia coffee. I think I may have found my favorite workplace ever..

Oh, and did I mention Emily was there?

Apparently Chicago is the place to be this summer for all the cool kids since she's here too. We spent the afternoon shopping and galavanting about town before we popped in for a quick recharge. And boy were we glad we did.

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