Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bologna, Day 2

The next day in Bologna, Emily headed off to one of the churches while I made my way down to the piazza to explore. Apparently, the entire town was out for a run that day. It was also sponsored by Parmigiano reggiano, which I found ironic.

Naturally, I took this as an opportunity to explore the city a bit. If I followed the runners, I'd never get lost.

I meandered along in search of some caffeine when I found a rather popular caffe at the edge of this smaller piazza. I quickly ordered myself an espresso macchiato at the bar.

I looked back up at the menu and saw something listed that I'd been meaning to try for awhile, but hadn't found in any cafes yet (mainly because most cafes don't have menus on the wall). It's called a spremuta d'arancia, which is a really eloquent way of saying freshly squeezed orange juice. I quickly ordered one along with my macchiato and snapped a shot of it being made.

I was then served the freshest and most delicious cup of orange juice I've ever had. It literally felt like eating an orange.

After another hour of exploring, I met back up with emily and we continued meandering around the city. When we decided to stop for lunch, in the interest of saving money, we chose to grab some sandwiches from one of the many caffes around the city. Brown bags in hand, we stopped at a small monument with benches to dig in.

Emily opted for a piadina, a.k.a. a flatbread sandwich stuffed with prosciutto and cheese. This specific sandwich is native to the northern-ish region of Italy, so don't expect to find it in Rome.

I decided to try something new. It was called an erbazzone, and it looked a bit like a really large spinach puff to me. I looked up the recipe later, and it seemed to be a mixture of mixed greens, sometimes spinach, depending on the chef's decision. Regardless, it was delicious.

We had to catch a 4 pm train, so we didn't have time for another fabulous dinner in Bologna. Fortunately, we did have time for another gelato...

Caffe amaro will always hold a special place in my heart...

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