Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Steve & Rocky's

It's incredibly difficult to find good seafood in the midwest. With no oceans nearby, shellfish must be flash-frozen and trucked across the mainland, hiking up the price. As a result, most restaurants opt for the cheaper and less-tastier options, like boxed and frozen fish.
However, in this barren space of land and lakes, several beacons of culinary mastery taste as though they have their own ocean somewhere back in their vast kitchen.
One of these beacons is Steve and Rocky's.

Their newly re-vamped decor matches the underwater luxury of their menu. Everything is light, wavy and feels as though you're dining just off the coast.

This restaurant has been a favorite of my parents' ever since they moved here from Florida. So, naturally, it made sense when my mom invited me to Steve and Rocky's for my dad's birthday dinner.

Here's the birthday boy!

The menu at Steve and Rocky's changes daily, but I had to check out their extended summer menu. (Psst! Note the lunch prices! This place serves excellent dishes for lunch at more-than-reasonable costs)

While the summer menu was certainly tempting, I had to try one of their traditional entrees.

First up - fried green tomatoes and prosciutto in a creamy tomato-basil sauce.

It tasted a bit like a fried tomato parmesan!

Next, the dinner entrees. Mom opted for salmon..

The birthday boy got the 28 oz filet and potatoes...

And I got the scallops and gnocchi..

Remember how I said good seafood is hard to get in the midwest? Well, scallops are particularly difficult to keep light and soft without soaking them in salt water, which makes them taste gross. These scallops were so silky and buttery, I felt like I was back in Florida dining off of Lido Key.

Of course, it's not a birthday without dessert, and you really can't pass up Steve & Rocky's dessert menu.

A mascarpone cheesecake for Dad...

And a hot chocolate cake for me and Mom!

An ooey-gooey mug cake with a liquid center and a dollop of melting vanilla ice cream on top. Want to know how molten and delicious this cake was?

Yeah, that molten and delicious.
If you decide to stop by, just get the whole dessert tray sampler! That's my plan for next time I'm in town.

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