Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Dinner at Weber's

Happy belated Easter!
I hope that, like me, you plan on raiding your local drugstore for 1/2 priced Cadbury eggs and eating them all week.
Except maybe I already ate mine and it's been 2 days......
But for the actual holiday (considering I was still feeling sick), my parents and I went to dinner at Weber's Restaurant instead of dining in.

With a special menu and decorative decor, this place was all decked out for the Holiday.

For starters, bread, crostini, and crackers with butter and salmon pate.

I started with a cup of chicken noodle soup - it's like they knew I was feeling sick!

My dad got a house salad.

For the entrees, my mom chose the traditional ham and yams meal.

Dad took on the 35 oz chef's cut prime rib...yowza..

And I went for....wait for it.......1/2 a roasted duck with mashed potatoes.

Look at how beautiful and crispy it looks...mmmmm.
The funny thing is, I used to hate duck. In fact, I refused to eat duck, rabbit, deer, and basically anything else that I could find in my backyard. After a chance incident of trying duck off of a friend's plate in a restaurant, I was hooked. And since it's such a mess to cook in your own oven, I buy it at restaurants as much as possible. 

And of course, there's always room for dessert...

Coffee and cream...

My dad's creme brulée..

As for me, I got the chocolate mountain....
Which is a cookie, topped with ice cream, topped with whipped cream, topped with hot fudge, topped with TWO cherries.

Isn't it beautiful?
Needless to say, having Easter dinner out was an excellent decision.

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  1. I always love creepin' on your blog, but this entry looked particularly delicious! I love Duck more than almost any other meat... thank you for making me hungry!


    1. Hahaha thanks for reading! And you're welcome!

  2. Mmm, creme brulée... My favorite! And that's funny, I used to hate duck too, then I tried duck pot stickers and fell in love! I still haven't had it as straight-up duck yet, just combined with other things (like the pot stickers), but that looks delicious!

    1. Ohmygod you MUST try straight-up duck. Imagine super-juicy chicken with a gamey flavor. It's delicious!